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Being mentally stuck on a problem is one of the most common experiences in the human condition. What separates a Sales Warrior from everyone else is that they know the techniques to get unstuck fast.

One important reason why salespeople hit a slump or get stuck on a problem, in general, is because the movie of success inside their mind’s eye stopped playing.

The first problem is an easy one for either the salesperson or the coach to diagnose. The second one is where I see solutions start to thin out. This isn’t a book about the process; it’s about mindset. The process is vital, but trying to improve your performance by solely practicing your process is like sticking a band-aid on a bullet hole. If you want to achieve your full potential, you need the mindset. You need to put in the dedication to retraining your brain to think like a Sales Warrior. In Jason Forrest’s latest book, The Mindset of a Sales Warrior, he dedicates an entire chapter to this idea of visualizing your own success.

Visualizing success helps you accomplish three extremely important things.
  1. It activates your creative subconscious, which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goals.
  2. It programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognize the resources you need to achieve your goals.
  3. It builds your internal motivation to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

We’re running movies in our heads all the time. We imagine scenarios at work before they happen. We visualize a date night with our partner before we have it. We feel the sand of the beach and see the view of the ocean before we even get on a plane for vacation.

Just the same, Sales Warriors use visualization as a conscious tool to bring future goals into the present. Let’s say you have a goal to double your income in a year. A Sales Warrior would step inside the movie of that success a year from now. They would turn up the volume and make the colors more vivid and feel it from a first-person perspective. The richer and more realistic those visualized, internal movies are, the more likely that goal becomes a reality.

Athletes use visualization techniques all the time because it was discovered that when athletes imagine a perfect performance often enough, neural pathways become conditioned to achieve what they’ve imagined. So when you envision your own success, it will enhance your confidence and motivation so your chances of success can be greatly multiplied.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Highly effective Sales Warriors have such realistic movies playing inside their minds that they can basically manufacture motivation out of nowhere. If you can see, feel, and hear the joy your family experiences on vacation after that major pay raise, it enhances your drive to push through that next sales call. If you know your goal is to double your salary, and you’ve mentally experienced it, then of course you’ll be driven to find solutions to get unstuck. It’s only natural.

Golfer Jack Nicklaus won more major tournaments than anyone in history. He famously said, “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp, in-focus picture of it in my head. First, I see the ball where I want it to finish, nice and white and sitting up high on the bright green grass. Then the scene quickly changes, and I see the ball going there; its path, trajectory, and shape, even its behavior on landing.” Nicklaus credits that visualization tactic for a lot of his success.

You’ll also find that visualizing strategies comes more easily as well. If you’re struggling to get past a current problem, turn up the intensity of your own mental image. Visualize yourself succeeding. What did you do to give yourself that success? You’ll quickly find that everything you need is within you now.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) changed my life. With the help of my incredible coach Susan Stageman, I went on a journey to become a certified NLP master practitioner. It’s completely shaped the way I see my relationship with others, and it’s allowed me to become more effective at helping people become better versions of themselves every single day.

NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created to help people become their best selves. Key teaching in NLP is that every experience you’ve ever had has a structure, just like a computer. Because of limitations to your computer, you might not be able to run some programs.

That doesn’t mean you can never run those programs, it just means you need to upgrade your computer. So, if you find that your current mental computer isn’t equipped with the programs to succeed in a current experience, then all you need to do is upgrade your mental computer. Visualization is one of those key upgrades.

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Mary Marshall Forrest

Mary has been an instrumental leader in shaping and helping FPG grow into an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company for the last three consecutive years. She has been intimately involved in developing FPG’s Stevie Award-winning sales, customer service, and leadership programs, and she speaks at dozens of events each year on FPG’s unique behavioral change training model. Mary’s sales background and deep history training new home sales professionals specifically mean she’s able to lend expertise in the most tactical way possible. Mary is a trainer to the trainers, a Sales Warrior, and a developer of game-changing brand strategy.

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