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Memorial Day
Sales Leadership CoachingSales Strategies

Building a Legacy through Military Leadership Lessons for Sales Management

Memorial Day is a time to honor the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our nation. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the values and principles that define military leadership—strategic planning, adaptability, and resilience. These principles, honed on the battlefield, can be transformative in sales management.

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Millionaire Potential
Sales StrategiesSales Training

7 Ways to Revolutionize Your Sales Training and Discover Millionaire Potential

National Be a Millionaire Day offers a perfect opportunity to revolutionize your sales training and unlock your millionaire potential. Drawing from the teachings of Jason Forrest, this article explores seven transformative techniques. Embrace a winning mindset, commit to continuous learning, master effective communication, utilize data-driven strategies, focus on delivering value, develop resilience, and build a strong network.

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sales warrior
Growth MindsetPodcasts

Becoming a Sales Warrior

In this interview, Jason Forrest shares his insights on developing a sales warrior mindset. He explains the importance of removing mental leashes, the need for behavioral change in sales training, and introduces the VETO selling framework.

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sales webinar
Sales StrategiesSales Training

Unleash Your Personal Power of Assertive Selling Sales Webinar

Join Jason Forrest for the “Unleash Your Personal Power of Assertive Selling” webinar. Learn how assertiveness can transform your sales approach, boost your confidence, and improve your closing rates. Discover innovative sales strategies, persuasive scripts, and techniques to overcome objections.

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AI Techniques
In-Home Sales TrainingSales Strategies

6 AI-Powered Predictive Analytics Techniques to Boost B2C In-Home Sales

In the competitive world of B2C in-home sales, leveraging AI-powered predictive analytics is a game-changer. By employing techniques such as customer segmentation and recommendation systems, businesses can gain deeper insights, streamline processes, and achieve superior sales outcomes.

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Inside Personal Growth
Growth MindsetPodcasts

From Mindset to Mastery Sales

Discover transformative insights with Jason Forrest on Inside Personal Growth. Learn how to build mental toughness, enhance your sales skills, and achieve exponential growth. Dive into Jason’s unique approach to sales training and personal development, and find out how to use your full potential.

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Forrest Performance Group

The Sales Recruiting and Sales Training Industry Needed to Get Disrupted!

FPG is the fastest-growing sales training, sales management training, and sales headhunting and recruiting company in the United States. A global leader and designer of sales, management, and leadership training programs. Forrest Performance Group has won multiple international awards for its one-of-a-kind, behaviorally-focused training methodology.

Jason Forrest - fractional sales leadership services

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