The 6 Human Needs

Every human being is on a never-ending quest to fulfill their 6 Human Needs. The more needs you fill, the closer you get to crushing your goals. It’s really that simple.

The 6 Human Needs is a popular concept developed by Tony Robbins, and it’s a revised variant of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In my experience, the level of your motivation to achieve your goals is directly related to your ability to tie that goal to your 6 Human Needs. When you can fulfill three human needs, you’ll become addicted to your goal.

When you can fulfill all six?

That’s called a super-addiction, and it’s that kind of motivation that built empires like Apple and Microsoft. 

Focus on keeping these needs filled in every area of your life, and you’ll have all the motivation you need to achieve any goal you set in your life, big or small.

1. Certainty

When it comes to certainty, we all need safety in life. When certainty is lost, all is lost. Certainty is the foundational need. How will your goal increase your certainty in areas like your current finances, your family, or your job?

2. Variety

If you don’t have enough variety in your life, you’ll become incredibly bored. But if you have too much variety in your life, you’ll become overwhelmed. Think of variety as the spice of life. It’s the need for excitement, adventure, and surprise. How will your goal increase your variety in areas like vacations, job roles, or daily tasks?

3. Significance

Every single one of us wants to feel like we matter. We want to feel like we’re wanted in life. Significance is the need to be wanted, to have meaning, and to have a sense of importance in life. How will your goal increase your significance within your job and with the people around you?

4. Love and connection

This is about finding love and connecting with others, whether that’s family, friends, or colleagues. Humans are inherently social beings, and we all want to have that tribe we can connect with. How does your goal increase your love and connection with your peers at work and with your friends and family in your personal life?

5. Growth

This is feeling like you’re growing every day. People have an inner desire for growth, and when you can connect with your need to be better than you were yesterday, that’s when you know you’re improving your life. How will your goal increase your ability to grow and improve yourself?

6. Contribution

Contribution means that you want to contribute to other people in the world. You’d never want to just roll with the motions without a purpose. You want to give back and use your abilities to make the world a better place. How will your goal allow you to contribute more to everyone in your life?

The reality is that every human being needs each of these needs to feel truly fulfilled, but everyone’s 1-6 ranking is different. Some people may need variety more than anything else, and for others, it may be growth. But every single one matters.

Think about any relationship you’ve ever had. Whether you realized it at the time or not, the better the relationship, the more needs were being met.

A marriage that goes the distance provides certainty because both partners feel safe and comfortable around each other. It provides variety because they get out of their daily routine every so often and keep the relationship fresh and new like it was at the beginning. It gives you significance because your partner builds you up and makes you feel big. It provides love and connection because you feel deeply seen by that person, inside and out. It gives you growth because you’re both spurring each other on to be better versions of yourselves. And it gives you contribution because you both feel like you’re equally contributing to the success of the other.

If you were to diagnose every failed relationship in history, you could directly trace it back to a multiple of these needs not being met. I’m sure you recognize how relationships that didn’t serve you failed to meet some (or all) of these needs as well.

It’s the same in every facet of our lives; at work, spiritually, with friends and family, within our culture. If you don’t feel as though your human needs are being met, it’s time to make a change and find something that makes you feel whole.

Now that you know your goal after going through The 4 Questions to Change Your Life, apply your human needs. How will that goal fulfill all six? Once you can answer that, you’ll understand the power of our Goal Addiction program that we provide for our clients. It gives you all the motivation you need and builds you into an unstoppable goal-achieving machine.

The first step of that journey is recognition. You deserve to have every one of your 6 Human Needs to be met in your life. Because once you become intentional about that, you’ll find you’re living the abundant life you were created for.

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