International Women's Day

International Women’s Day: The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Women

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s a moment to reflect on the strides we’ve made towards gender equality in the workplace and the journey that still lies ahead. As the President of Forrest Performance Group (FPG), my experience has illuminated the profound impact that recruiting and empowering women has on an organization. Today, I want to share insights and strategies for recruiting women, drawing on my journey at FPG.

Understanding the Landscape

The path to leadership has been both challenging and rewarding. In the male-dominated industry of sales and performance coaching, establishing a space for women to thrive required a deliberate strategy. It was clear from the outset that to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, we needed to actively recruit and support women.

International Women's Day

Why Recruit Women?

Diversity drives innovation. Women bring unique perspectives, problem-solving skills, and empathy to teams, enhancing creativity and decision-making. Companies with diverse workforces often see improved performance and employee satisfaction. At FPG, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive changes that come with a more balanced gender representation.

How to Attract Female Talent

  1. Promote a Culture of Inclusion: Highlighting our inclusive culture has been key in attracting female talent. This includes showcasing women in leadership roles and providing platforms for their voices to be heard.
  2. Flexible Working Conditions: Offering flexible work arrangements is critical. This flexibility supports work-life balance, a factor that many women consider when choosing an employer.
  3. Career Development Opportunities: At FPG, we emphasize career progression and professional development. We’ve found that clear paths for advancement and continuous learning opportunities are highly attractive to female candidates.
  4. Mentorship and Networking: Establishing mentorship programs, especially those that connect women with female leaders within the company, has been invaluable. Such initiatives foster a sense of belonging and provide vital networks for support and growth.
  5. Benefits and Support for Families: Benefits such as maternity leave, childcare assistance, and healthcare are important. Recognizing the importance of these benefits demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees and their families.

Challenges and Solutions

While efforts to recruit women have been largely successful, challenges remain. Stereotypes and biases can deter women from applying to certain roles. To combat this, we’ve implemented unconscious bias training for all employees and have committed to transparent hiring practices.

Another challenge is retaining female talent, particularly in leadership roles. To address this, we’ve focused on creating clear pathways for advancement and establishing support networks for women to share experiences and challenges.

International Women's Day

Looking Ahead

The journey toward gender equality is ongoing. Celebrating International Women’s Day reminds us of the progress we’ve made and the work still required. At FPG, we remain committed to recruiting women and creating an environment where they can succeed and lead. Through continued effort and commitment, we can build workplaces where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

In closing, recruiting women is not just a matter of corporate responsibility; it’s a strategic imperative. The diversity of thought, perspective, and leadership style that women bring to the table is invaluable. As we move forward, let’s continue to champion the inclusion of women in all areas of business, for the betterment of our organizations and society as a whole. Happy International Women’s Day!


As we reflect on the progress and the path ahead this International Women’s Day 2024, let’s renew our commitment to gender equality in the workplace and beyond. The journey towards empowering women, ensuring equal opportunities, and celebrating their achievements is ongoing. By embracing diversity, fostering inclusive environments, and actively recruiting and supporting women in all sectors, we can build a brighter, more equitable future for everyone. Let International Women’s Day 2024 be a beacon of hope and a call to action for individuals and organizations worldwide to elevate the role of women in shaping our world. Together, we can make a difference.

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