The Mindset of a Sales Warrior

How to Have The Mindset of a Sales Warrior

Jason Forrest, a trailblazer in the sales training arena, sits down with Rebecca Whitman to share insights on “The Mindset of a Sales Warrior,” showcasing his innovative approach to sales training that’s earned his programs top rankings worldwide.

Known for challenging conventional sales training methodologies, Forrest’s unique philosophy as a sales warrior emphasizes behavior change, persuasion, and the removal of mental constraints to unlock the full potential of sales professionals.

How to Have The Mindset of a Sales Warrior: What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of applying tactical, real-world processes in sales.
  • How to use the language of persuasion effectively.
  • Strategies for removing mental barriers that inhibit success.

About The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show

Host Rebecca Whitman, brings you the Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show. Therefore, it is where she interviews leading experts to give you actionable advice regarding to the significance of nurturing every aspect of one’s existence—Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Romantic, Mental, Social, and Financial.

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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest has disrupted the sales training industry by creating the first training program that changes behavior. This is done through 1) teaching tactical real-world processes; 2) the language of persuasion, 3) removing the mental leashes that hold people back, and 4) through a program-based training approach. 

This philosophy is what led his Warrior Selling® and Leadership Sales Coaching programs to be ranked in the top 2 of the World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus. His provocative style of speaking his truth ranks him at number 5 on the Global Sales Guru list. 

Jason is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of influence and behavioral change. He is also a Practitioner in Accelerated Evolution, the psychology of removing fear in high performers.

Jason is on a mission to ignite pride, purpose, and respect for professional selling.
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