Jason Forrest is now ranked the 5th Best Sales Guru in the World for 2023

Jason Forrest is a renowned figure in the sales training industry by creating the first training program that changes behavior. This is accomplished by arming participants with practical real-world knowledge, the power of convincing communication, stripping away inhibitors and limitations, and a programmatic training method. He’s been hailed as one of the greatest sales minds of our time, and now he has been honored by being named the 5th Best Sales Guru in the World for 2023 by Global Gurus, one of the world’s leading research organizations.

In the Global Gurus, Forrest made his name by rising through the ranks of the top sales professionals over the years. He quickly became known for his unique approach to sales. From a pool of thousands, Jason was chosen as one of the top contenders for an international award. After carefully examining each candidate’s originality, creative impact, and presentation style, 60 were deemed eligible to compete in the next round. The final selection process included a public opinion, and only 30 lucky finalists emerged victorious—with Jason being selected among them.

Today, sales teams from around the world look to Jason for sales advice and expertise. His sales seminars and workshops have become must-attend events, attended by sales professionals of all levels. They come looking for insight into sales techniques, strategies, psychology, and more—all of which Jason has in abundance. His philosophy is what led his Leadership Sales Coaching and Warrior Selling® programs to be ranked top 1 and top 2, respectively, of the World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus.

With this latest achievement, it’s clear that Jason’s sales prowess is unmatched. He has solidified himself as one of the best sales minds of our time and continues to be a shining example of what sales professionals can achieve when they apply themselves diligently. Congratulations to him on this astounding accomplishment!

Traditional Sales and Leadership Training fails to address the real problem!

You’ve tried training your team in the past, but it didn’t really work. The old style of training just doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s no secret that sales and leadership training is essential, but it can be hard to find a training program that actually works. Most programs are outdated and are not focused on changing behavior.

FPG Sales Training is different. We don’t use the traditional approach of lecturing your team for hours on end. Instead, we help your team understand their mindset and give them the tools they need to succeed. We help them remove their excuses so they can finally achieve their goals. Book a Meeting today!

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