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About Jason

As a sales professional, author, speaker, and coach, Jason’s job is to empower professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service.

Jason grew up under the influence of his father who was a business owner and professional salesperson, his mother, a persuasive speaking professor and Zig Ziglar, his Sunday school teacher and world-famous salesperson/motivational speaker. Jason learned how to drive profit through doing rather than observing.

These influences and experiences shaped him into who he is today – a salesperson first, a behavioral change expert, a national speaker and a coach who pushes organizations to become highly profitable while creating a “best place to work” culture.

Every year, Jason delivers approximately 1000 keynotes and seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with the purpose of unleashing sales teams, managers, and executives.

Jason's Career Stats

Delivers over 1000 Keynotes A Year

Has Received 5 International Training Program Awards

Published 6 Books

Jason's most recent blog posts

3 Stories Every Sales Warrior Must Master

How to become a sales warrior

Your life is a tapestry of hundreds of stories and experiences that shaped you into who you are at this very moment. You carry stories of triumph that remind you of your capabilities. You also carry stories of defeat, where your strengths were put to the test you gained vital learning experiences.

Amazon is bringing a bit of FPG’s philosophy to one lucky city


Amazon isn’t just growing. It’s exploding.

Jason's blog posts

The golden stat warriors are champions because of this coaching breakthrough

As a coach or an employee, do you validate the behaviors you want in your teammates? Or are you just reactively putting out fires as you see them?

The case against a 5-hour workday

Contrary to growing popular belief, the five-hour workday is not your friend.

One of the most interesting business stories I’ve heard this year comes out of a small city in Australia called Hobart. I think you’ll find it interesting too, but maybe not for the reasons some do.

Are your people prepared for the economic crash? Because it's coming

That might seem like a strange thing to hear in 2018. Everything seems great right now – really great, in fact. And if you didn’t feel the impact in your daily life, the markets are certainly reflecting back how well everything is going. A recent Bloomberg report confirmed that there are now almost as many job openings as there are unemployed U.S. workers. They’ve only been keeping records on this stat since 2000, but this is a first at least since then.

Live a life unleashed like the Seattle Seahawks' Shaquem Griffin

The world belongs to people who see life through the lens of possibility thinking. And in that sense, the world definitely belongs to a man named Shaquem Griffin….

As brave southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults proved, certainty is everything

The first thing the Southwest flight 1380 passengers heard was something that sounded like an explosion. And then, without warning, the oxygen masks deployed and the plane rapidly started losing altitude….

Find your light so you can be the light today

What does “be the light” mean to you?

Jason's blog posts

Don’t wait — the time to create a millennial-friendly company is now

Blog Post

When it comes to charting brand allegiance, few metrics are more respected than Enso’s World Value Index. And the most recent update, which just dropped on the public this month, has some hard truths for legacy brands I think we all need to see.

Want relevancy? Learn from AOL Instant Messenger’s fate

Blog Post

After 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger is officially logging offline for good this year.

Jason in the media

FORBES: Words Of Wisdom For 2017 And Beyond


Forbes released a top-read post, giving words of wisdom from top business and marketing leaders. Below is Jason’s advice on taking big risks.



To build a great culture, you have to have a great team. To attract the best team members, you better have a great culture. So which comes first?

Jason in the media

Reclaim your Freedom with Shirley Dalton

Radio Show

Jason shares with Shirley Dalton the secrets on how to increase profitability and sales performance, inspired on what great sports coaches have to teach us about leadership sales coaching.

Smashing the Plateau


During this interview, Jason shares insights into improving self-worth, overcoming self-inflicted limitations, sharing experiences instead of giving advice, how to find the right coach, and much more.

Jason In the Media

Money for Lunch

Radio Show

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Bert Martinez from “Money for Lunch” radio show.

The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

Radio Show

Check out this interview at The Bob Pritchard Radio Show talking about unleashing performance and leadership coaching. (begins about 20mins in)

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