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Leadership Sales Coaching

Our award-winning Leadership Sales Coaching program is specially and uniquely designed to turn your managers into coaches. What's the difference, you ask? Managers make things easier for their people. Coaches make their people better. Where managers merely focus on the behaviors, coaches get the most out of their teams because they focus on the programing, the beliefs and the behaviors to improve results and improve customers' lives.

Warrior Selling

Warrior Selling will transform your salespeople into certified sales warriors who drive more profit and improve more customers' lives. You'll learn not just the behaviors behind what top 1% sales pros do; you'll also learn the beliefs those top 1% sales pros harbor that drive them to the top - and keep them there. By following our behavioral change process, you'll remove your leashes, increase your performance and close more sales than ever before.


We partner with all kinds of industry leaders to build the best training programs possible. We never settle, and neither do our partners. By partnering with other experts we are able to pull from the most knowledgeable minds in various industries to put together effective and successful programs for our clients. Dr. Chip Bell is our partner for Service Unleashed Program The Pacific Institute is our partner for The Selling Mindset Program Bill Cates "The Referral Coach"  is our partner for Referrals Unleashed Program

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction doesn’t work in isolation. It takes a whole company effort to make customers happy, and we help you take those customer service scores to the next level. We at FPG are so honored to be partnering with Chip Bell to create the world’s most epic Customer Service program. We’ve chosen Chip because he’s the best of the best. He’s authored over 25 books on customers service, and has worked with organizations like the Ritz Carlton and Marriott. This exciting program is going to equip you with what you need to create a world renowned organization. He’s going to teach you specific strategies and techniques on how to unleash our customer experience and give them an experience that they will brag about.

Company Culture

Create an un-leavable culture that will make your employees perform at their highest level.

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