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Warrior Selling: Sales Unleashed

The award-winning Warrior Selling training program is designed to give your sales professionals the beliefs and strategies that will help them earn what they are worth.

This sales management training program creates sustainable behavioral change with our four-step experiential process.

Assessments. Discover the leashing and unleashing beliefs and behaviors of your sales professionals while also identifying the training needs from sales professional viewpoints.
Live workshops. Our workshops focus on addressing current and relevant issues that sales professional are facing and teaching them strategies to overcome relevant obstacles.
Video lessons. Sales professionals will watch our tactically oriented video lesson series and master it by applying targeted assignments with their customers.
Coaching calls. Participate in regular group conference calls with certified FPG sales trainers to review the lessons, apply it to individual situations, share successes, and overcome leashes.

Warrior Selling Courses Include

  • Starting Strong. There’s nothing more important than starting the selling process strong. This training program for sales professionals equips your sales pros with The 7 Steps of Starting Strong toolkit, which gives you the science so you can apply your own art to close more sales and improve more lives.
  • Handling Objections. What happens when the customer pushes back? This course gives your sales pros the arsenal to sell through every objection. Your goal is to give your customers freedom and remove the fight, flee or freeze response from your sales pros. This course is the key to unlocking that door.
  • The Close. Every sales pro can be a master closer. This course is the road map to a company full of sales warriors who can close the deal. By asking for the close, you’re subliminally telling your customer you choose them and value them. This course gives you those tools.


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