Warrior Selling: Sales Unleashed

Warrior Selling Programs is designed to give your sales professionals the beliefs and strategies that will help them earn what they are worth.
The program creates sustainable behavioral change with our 4 step experiential process

• Assessments: discover the constructive and destructive beliefs and behaviors of your sales professionals while also identified the training needs from the sales professional viewpoints.
• Live workshops: Our leadership selling workshops focus on addressing current and relevant issues that sales professional are facing and teaching them strategies to overcome the obstacles.
• Video Lessons: sales professionals will watch 1 video lesson per week and master it by applying it with their customers.
• Coaching calls: participate in a weekly group conference call with certified FPG trainer to review the lessons, apply it to individual situations, share success and overcome struggles.

The Courses

1. Ignite: The focus of THE IGNITE COURSE is to jump start new hires and resurrect and recharge veterans to new growth in their sales career.

2. Goal Addiction:
This course will help you reach new levels of human performance through goal addiction.

You might be skeptical based on courses like this that have given you false hope in the past.

This course is different in the following ways:

1. You will learn the process to setting goals and achieving them.

2. You will learn how to use the power of addiction to achieve your goals.

3. You will learn how to align your support system to achieve your goals.

4. You will learn how to adopt new beliefs, skills, attitudes, and processes to achieve your goals.

5. You will learn how to remove any limiting beliefs that could cause procrastination in achieving your goal.

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