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When Taylor Morrison sought our assistance, they were grappling with numerous challenges as homebuilders amidst a downturn in the economy.

Their primary objective was to convince their clients that it was a good time to buy.

Although they had all the essential elements for a successful campaign, they were encountering similar objections that you, as a home builder, might be facing too.

That’s when Taylor Morrison decided to do things differently. You can watch the video above for the entire story, but long story short after working with us and implementing our strategies, they went from being dismissed to being sought-after, getting a steady stream of appointments with ideal clients who are truly excited to own their dream homes.

But let's be real... Talk is cheap...


Since 2008, we’ve been helping home builders reach their sales goals and are thrilled to have assisted countless others in situations just like yours. Our expertise in homebuilding sales solutions makes us the perfect partner to help you achieve success! (See more stories below!!)

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As homebuilding industry leaders, we understand the challenges you face. Our persuasive and informative approach, backed by years of expertise, confidently addresses your needs while focusing on your company's growth and success.

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Customer Reviews

If they can do it... you can do it! Will you be our next success story?

“Everybody is looking at expenses, and we’re looking at places to make sure we reduce expenses, so that created a little bit of hesitancy on our side to invest in sales training. But since starting with FPG, we have now realized this is more than just sales training; this has been a company saver.”

– Brock Corder,President, The Builders Group (November 2022).


“I’m part of three builder groups, and none of them invest in sales training. I know that we can continue to say that these efforts that we’ve put out every week for years have given us an advantage over our competition. We are holding our price strong where our competition is lowering their price.”

– Brock Frankhauser, Owner, NewStyle Communities (August 2022).


“When the housing market changed, some builders were worried about sales, but since we have FPG, we knew that our team had the skillset to take market share and increase our conversion rate no matter what the economy is.”

– Scott Jagoe,Owner, Jagoe Homes (2022).


“I’m excited to see that it’s turned into probably $20 million for my team total in sales.”

– Veronica Roberson, Area VP, Strategic Marketing at Taylor Morrison (November 2022).


“I had 5 new sales in December (Revenue $4 Million) which was one of my highest months!”

– Patty Talbott, Community Sales Manager at Atlantic Builders (January 2023).


“The total revenue in sales that I achieved where I used at least one of the strategies taught in this course is close to 1 million.”

– Rob, Senior Home Specialist at Couto Homes (March 2023).


“The total revenue of sales that I achieved where I used at least one of the strategies taught in this course is over 4 million dollars

– Christine O’Donnell, New Homes Sales Specialists at EGStoltzfus Homes (February 2023).


“The total revenue of sales that I achieved, where I used at least one of the strategies taught in this course, was $1.9 million.”

– Lindsay Callihoo, Senior Sales and Leasing Representative at eQ Homes (December 2022).


“I have accomplished about $7 Million in sales. This training has contributed to every sale because I am focused on my mindset and being intentional and purposeful in my interactions with buyers as I lead them through the journey of finding their new Impression Home.”

– Monica Boykin, Community Sales Counselor at Impression Homes (March 2023).

Since starting his training company FPG during the 2008 housing market crash, Jason Forrest has helped numerous homebuilding companies succeed while their competitors failed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to eliminate any uncertainty you might be feeling and learn how to sell more homes in 2023 without lowering your price. Register now for this must-attend event! Owners, CEOs, COOs, Heads of Sales, and Heads of Marketing will benefit from this insightful presentation!

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