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Unleash Your Business Event 2017

Special message from Jeffrey Hayzlett from the The C-Suite Network to all business leaders looking to unleash profitability, growth, and company culture. #UnleashYourBusiness

Join leadership speaker JASON FORREST for an exclusive, intimate workshop for managers through c-level executives, on Wednesday, May 24th in Dallas, TX from 8:00 am – 12:00pm. In this workshop, you will learn the strategy to create the growth you want.

You will learn:

How to run your company off a one page plan.
How to develop standards of performance.
How to increase accountability without hurting morale.
How to maximize profit of each employee.
How to run efficient and effective meetings.
How to run a daily huddle.
How to make a ROI of every new employee with in 90 days.
How to develop KPIs for each employee.
How to leave every meeting with clear and actionable steps.
How to maximize each employee’s productivity through role alignment.

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