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We at FPG are so honored to partner with Chip Bell to create the world’s most unleashed Customer Service program. We’ve chosen Chip because he’s the best of the best. He’s authored over 25 books on customers service, and has worked with organizations like the Ritz Carlton and Marriott.

This exciting customer service training program is going to equip you with what you need to create a world renowned organization. He’s going to teach you specific strategies and techniques on how to unleash our customer experience and give them an experience that they will brag about.

This program is designed with one goal in mind: to help you become an even more effective deliverer of great service to all you serve—your guests, colleagues, and others.

The primary purpose of the Service Unleashed® training program is to provide you success-making skills. When a guest has a need, success may be going the extra mile to make service to that person easy and effective.

Guests may not always get the outcome at the price they want. However, we can always provide a positively memorable experience. This program is about creating a positive, memorable, and consistently high quality experience that ensures a guest is pleased and eager to be your advocate.

All guests have changed. Their expectations are higher, they are more interested in getting value for their dollar, they are less patient with wait or hassle and they often blame the person they contact even if that person did not create the problem. Great service providers help those they serve feel important and valued.

The FPG approach

We start where most programs stop.

We believe that real growth happens during learning application, and we lead you through that application with extensive collaboration and coaching.

We focus on understanding our clients’ unique needs, and communicating directly to the entire participating team, producing lasting results.

We promise not to abandon you once we’ve provided the tools, but rather continue to serve as your trusted coach and advisor!



The Service Unleashed suite of sales training courses will equip your team with proven techniques, behavioral strategies, and practical tools necessary to unleash your organization’s peak service potential. Each course consists of an on-site full-day seminar, video lessons and coaching calls.


Gourmet Service

Gain the competence and confidence to deliver a service unleashed experience to those they serve—whether external guests or internal colleagues.


Gourmet Service Recovery

Learn to transform challenging guest situations into positive service stories.  Learn powerful ways to turn service hiccups into happy guests.


Gourmet Innovative Service

Discover how to create those sprinkles and special moments that turn a good guest experience into one that is unique and powerfully memorable


Leading Gourmet Service

Learn how to lead front-line service professionals to high performance levels.  Gain special skills and practices that help bolster service excellence and minimize service burnout.

The Chip Bell Difference

FPG is proud to have formed a strategic partnership with Dr. Chip Bell for the development of Service Unleashed! Program. Chip is a prolific writer, consultant and speaker, having written numerous best-selling books and been twice recognized as the #1 customer service keynote speaker in the world.  He has been a consultant to organizations renowned for world-class guest service including Ritz-Carlton, Southwest Airlines, Universal Orlando, AMEX, and Marriott. ranked him among the top 30 thought leaders in North America.  Dr. Bell has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC, Bloomberg TV, NPR and his work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, CEO Magazine, Fast Company and Businessweek.

More about Chip Bell...


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