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Building a Sustainable Model

One of the most crucial aspects of training is building a sustainable model- one that hires the right people, coaches them, and provides and environment and culture that are conducive to overall goals.

  • Hiring: We work with sales leaders to hire strategically – focusing on long-term goals rather than short term needs
  • Culture: Perhaps one of the most important aspect of any organization is building a positive, sustainable culture.
  • Executive Coaching: Building support from the top down.
  • Systems: Developing and polishing systems to line up with overall goals and direction.
  • Diagnostics: Objective assessments for pre-hire and coaching solutions.
  • Compensation: Building compensation packages that are in line with overall mission and create an achievement-drive culture.
  • Sales Management Training: The most effective environment include buy-in and coaching from the top down. In our program, leaders get trained too.

We can help you prevent bad hires

We believe in the 13-step action process that immediately transforms any company’s culture.


  • Action 1: Collect data
  • Action 2: Present data to leadership. Undercover boss to observe behaviors
  • Action 3: Present data to the company. Leadership huddles begin. Create vision, mission, strategy.
  • Action 4: Development huddles begin. Build values. Collect 360 data for leaders.
  • Action 5: Create action plan for 2 strategies to grow. Improve accountability. Create structures and systems. Create roles and responsibilities.
  • Action 6: Improve “trust”. Create rewards and recognition.
  • Action 7: Improve dialogue. Create scorecards and measurables.
  • Action 8: Create action plan for two more strategies.
  • Action 9: Improve “Drive”.
  • Action 10: Action plans for two more strategies. Improve accountability.
  • Action 11: Growth/Reflection. Improve “trust”.
  • Action 12: Collect cultural data. Improve dialogue
  • Action 13: Improved “excellence”. Create action plans to continue shrinking the cultural gap.
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