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How to Sell Through Rising Interest Rates: 6 New Strategies to Remove the Uncertainty in Your Prospects

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What Your Team Will Learn

How to turn rising interest rates into an advantage for you and a disadvantage for your competition,
Specific "words to say" to embed confidence and remove fear with your prospects,
How to simply explain the impact of interest rates on the customer's spending power,
How to take the lead with a scared, worried, or frustrated buyer so that you can move the sale forward,
How to reframe the current housing market to change your's prospect's perspective,
And so much more...

“I had 5 new sales in December (Revenue $4 Million) which was one of my highest months!”

Patty Talbott
Community Sales Manager at Atlantic Builders

“When the housing market changed some builders were worried about sales, but because we’ve been working with FPG we knew this is an opportunity to gain market share. Our teams have trained for seasons like this and because of FPG we are prepared and excited about this current selling season.”

Nanette M. Pfister
Vice President of Sales at Epcon Communities

“My sales team was struggling with the objection of interest rates being at 7%. Jason Forrest did a free one-hour webinar on “How to Sell Through Rising Interest Rates”, and our team left with six great takeaways on how to understand, attack, and be successful selling despite this objection. My team is already implementing several of the takeaways with current prospects.”

Brock Corder
President at Builder Group

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