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FPG Trainer Spotlight: Jamey Lutz’s customer service crusade

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Jamey Lutz’s first month as a trainer at FPG was an action-packed one. In fact, his whirlwind experience at FPG began on his very first day.

Jamey was a longtime customer service maven at prestigious hotelier Ritz-Carlton, and a mutual connection let him in on the exciting things FPG was doing with customer service training. FPG had just opened a customer service program wing with its now highly regarded Service Unleashed program. Given Jamey’s extensive background in customer service, he was a natural fit to train FPG’s clients through the program’s innumerable merits.

In the summer of 2016, Jamey jumped at the opportunity, and he had a full plate immediately. In his first day on the job, he sat in on a seminar being run by FPG CEO Jason Forrest. That day, he remembers sitting back and thinking he’d just joined something special.

“I can remember sitting there, probably 15, 20 people in the seminar I joined, and I was pleasantly shocked by the impact of Jason’s facilitation, and therefore the way we facilitate,” Jamey says. “I had done a lot of training and seen a lot of training before, but not seen it conducted in a way where it was really meant to intellectual stimulate you but also emotionally stimulate you. Getting to see Jason do that on my first day was like, ‘Wow, this is really cool.’”

Say this for Jamey’s FPG career as a transformative trainer: he’s never been shy about jumping right into the deep end and bobbing right back up.

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Jamey is an expert trainer in FPG’s programs, but his bread and butter is in the customer service side of the house. He’d spent years working in customer service in a variety of roles, from Ritz to the NBA’s Orlando Magic. When Jamey joined FPG, he realized his customer service background helped him facilitate not just Service Unleashed, but also programs like Warrior Selling.

One thing Jamey often tells his clients, and one of his most significant career learnings, is that there is no significant distinction between customer service and sales. One thing he knows as well as anybody is that service is selling, and selling is service.

“They’re all interwoven,” Jamey says. “You can’t be a great salesperson if you don’t have the mindset of the customer in terms of wanting to serve them well. And you can’t be a great service provider if you don’t sell well. If I can’t position myself in a position of strength to lead the customer through a challenging situation, in essence I’m selling them. They go hand in hand. That was one of the key insights for me from the very beginning. We’re a sales organization, but you have to have those service elements as well in order to be successful.”

Jamey’s unique training style reflects his professional background. Attend a Lutz-run seminar and rapport is never far behind. That comes from his years of connecting with employees in both triumphant and challenging situations alike. Jamey’s unflappable calm, steady delivery and engaging storytelling style are all rooted in his desire to connect and further FPG’s mission that everyone is enough.

It didn’t take long for Jamey to connect with FPG’s material. FPG trains companies not just on improving profit-driving performance, but also infusing companies with the kind of culture change that starts at the root instead of starting with the branches. For Jamey, that means FPG’s core teaching that beliefs have more to do with our success that our abilities connected immediately.

For Jamey, it was quickly evident that FPG practiced what it preached. Looking back on his journey as a trainer, Jamey can’t help but see that the way he looks at things is now intrinsically linked with FPG’s methodology and belief in the abilities of others and within yourself as well.

Whether Jamey is training in seminars, coaching through FPG’s award-winning programs or working through lessons, he’s continually in a state of gratitude for the journey that brought him to FPG.

“It really is a journey,” Jamey says. “Every day is about how can I refine and improve my craft and what I’m doing. The support from FPG and our trainers and how we respectfully push each other to get better, it’s just about never being satisfied with where we all. That’s been very inspirational to me and makes me really excited about what I do.”

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