About Tracye

Tracye McCarthy is a 29-year veteran of the television broadcasting industry. She grew up around sales and went on her first sales calls with her dad at age 15.

As a leader she believes in investing in her teams and understanding their motivations to get them to the next level.  She has coached and led advertising sales teams for television stations across the country.

Tracye has more than a decade of experience managing and operating multiple TV stations where, as the general manager, she developed and coached department heads, managers, and leaders to drive positive profits year over year.

She has a deep love of coaching and developing people to be the best version of themselves. She was drawn to FPG by the exuberance and truth in all they teach, but her favorite concept is “I am enough.” Her goal is to work with as many sales teams and Leadership Coaching teams as possible to drive positive change in their lives and their organizations.

Tracye is a wife and mother who is devoted to her family. She loves hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and most outdoor activities.

Television Broadcasting Industry 29 Years of Experience

First Sales Calls at the age of 15

More than 10 Years of experience managing & operating multiple TV stations

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