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About Rachel

Rachel Sherburne is an accomplished speaker, author, sales guru and leadership expert who loves to inspire others.

A former Air Force Public Affairs officer turned full-time missionary, Rachel started her own personal coaching and consulting business to help individuals and companies overcome challenges and attain their highest potential. Through her faith in God and life experience – surviving a deployment to war-torn Iraq, navigating the pain of a failed marriage, and stepping out on faith to pursue her dream of speaking and influencing people around the world, Rachel knows firsthand what it takes to overcome challenges, rediscover passion and purpose and thrive personally, professionally and spiritually.

She holds a degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Regent University.

Using her unique blend of charisma, emotional intelligence, humor and tough love, she wows audiences and helps individuals, non-profits and multimillion-dollar companies to get the results they want.

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