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Jamey Lutz is an accomplished human performance strategist. He has over 20 years of experience in highly acclaimed organizations such as: The Ritz-Carlton Company, Wells Fargo Bank, Wachovia Corporation, and HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, and RDV Sports. He is skilled in driving innovative service initiatives and programming, as well as building and sustaining world-class service organizations.

Jamey graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. He is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, a long-time member of the American Society of Quality, and serves on the Board of Directors for MUST Ministries.

In 2016, he was part of the Ritz-Carlton performance improvement leadership group, which led the hotel to achieving the highest customer scores in the history of JD Power – hotel segment. He was also a speaking ambassador for the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. His continued success at Forrest Performance Group for Customer Service Excellence includes: the client Home American Mortgage Corporation added an additional 25 participants to the Service Unleashed Program, and improved assessment results for the Selling Mindset program with client, Capital City Bank. Jamey has over 250 training hours and currently serves 7 clients.

When he is not being a thought leader and delivering his expertise in customer service, Jamey enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 3 daughters. He loves working out, playing basketball and watching his favorite team, the North Carolina Tarheels.



Customer Service & Performance Management 24 years of experience

Facilitated more than 2500 hours of cross-functional, team-based performance improvement training

Key thought leader with 8 Nat/Intl performance excellence awards

Jamey's latest blogs

Service Unleashed: Detail Management

Organizations don’t decide whether their service experience is exemplary. The customer makes that determination every time they interact with you. Customer perception is indeed reality, and when perceptions are negative, trust begins to erode.

Is Your Customer Service Stouthearted?

By Chip Bell

Stouthearted service comes from frontline ambassadors with a passion to serve with noble purpose.

Jamey's latest blogs

The Art of the Comeback

Strategies to Help Your Team Master Service Recovery

When things go south for customers who feel your organization has failed to deliver on their service covenant, is a win-win outcome even possible?

Customerization Unleashed

Personalizing service requires time and care; it cannot be a knee-jerk or a fast-tracked response.

When service is genuinely tailored to you, it reminds customers they are vitally present in an important service relationship.

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Good Enough Never Is

Seventy percent of a customer’s loyalty today is based on how that customer is treated.

Today’s customers consider okay, satisfactory, pretty good, nothing special service to be mediocre.  Yesterday’s customer grade of B might not get you a C today!  Why?  Here are a few reasons.

Service Leadership Unleashed

(by Jamey Lutz and Chip Bell)

According to the official Rolls-Royce history, when Henry Royce was designing the first Rolls-Royce, a colleague suggested he “turn out a reliable car at a low price.” Royce had a different vision—to turn out “the best motor car in the world regardless of cost.” Now making such a bold and audacious statement is one thing, but actually bringing the vision to fruition is a completely different matter.

More blogs from Jamey Lutz

Key Traits of a Former Customer Service Exemplar

By Jamey Lutz

“The only sustainable advantage in business is world class service!” At the former HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, this mantra was fervently recited by employees to kick off every company meeting, regardless of meeting type or size. It reflected the organization’s commitment to placing the customer at the center of everything.

The Best Strategy to Change Customer Behavior

by Jamey Lutz

What’s your corporate strategy for changing the behavior of your existing or prospective customers? How do you get people to choose your product or service over the one down the street or the one positioned near your placement on common Internet searches?…

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