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We are a dedicated team of individuals committed to helping you and your company succeed.

We believe that the best employees are those who trust themselves and can be confident in everything they do, because they are confident in their own skill behind it.

Here at FPG, we don’t just preach it, we live it.

Continue reading to see how our culture helps us help your team achieve their best.


The FPG Corporate Values help to guide all of our daily decision making, and our lives.

We believe in living and working according to these values, and feel that every one of our employees embodies them. Each of these values represent a trait that a valuable team member, and a successful company as a whole, should have.



Behaviors that are observed:

  • 1. Actively listens to others' points of view.
  • 2. Openly discusses important ideas and concepts
  • 3. Proactively shares information that will impact the organization
  • 4. Ends meetings with clear actionable steps.
  • 5. Seeks out diverse viewpoints to ensure a more optimal solution.

X-Factor Behavior:

  • 6. Effectively uses questions to engage others in dialogue.


Behaviors that are observed:

  • 1. Operates with an open agenda.
  • 2. Consistent with their treatment of others.
  • 3. Communicates in a clear and specific manner.
  • 4. Shares relevant information that impacts others
  • 5. Lets people know why, without being asked


  • 6. Gives people the benefit of the doubt


Behaviors that are observed:

  • 1. Thinks ahead and plans
  • 2. Examines options before acting
  • 3. Is proactive in seeking information
  • 4. Sees the connection between their efforts and results
  • 5. Accepts personal responsibility for their performance


  • 6. Takes personal responsibility for how their actions impact others


Our virtues are a huge part of our company culture as they constantly remind us of our values, and push us to be our best selves.

We have assigned every virtue a well known super hero who embodies and lives out that virtue.

These illustrations hang in our office to constantly remind us to live every day like ordinary superheros.




Perseverance: Captain America

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.”

Fortitude: Superman

Strong hearts and minds can’t lose. If you can control your mind, you can rule the world

Purpose: Wonder Woman

It’s knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and why it’s important to you.

Curiosity: Iron Man

Always ask, “Why?” so you can understand things.

Charisma: Green Lantern

Always build others up and make them smile with your words.

Gratitude: Spiderman

Be thankful for who you are and what you have been given

Power: She-Ra

Unleash your gifts. Truly believe that what makes you different makes you strong

The FPG Week

Every day in our office, we have a company meeting where we get to sit down together, share, and commune in a family-like setting that lets us grow together.

By growing together, we get stronger as a team, and in turn, can produce better as one strong unit for our clients.

Below is a schedule of what we share every day of the week.

This helps us come prepared to the meetings and encourages us to share something new every week, thus growing stronger and closer together as a team.


Monday Mission
We share our weekly goal or an important task to start the week.


Thankful Tuesday
We share one thing we are grateful for.


Wednesday Wisdom
We share a quote, a link to educational content or a TedTalk video


Thursday Throwback & Throw down
We share a memory from the past and we also have an improv session before lunch.


Freaking Awesome Friday
Before our Happy Hour each FPG member will share why they were Freaking Awesome this week.

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