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Why join FPG?

FPG specializes in unleashing human performance by redefining training, changing culture, and transforming lives. Our revolutionary programs are designed to unleash human performance in sales, management, customer service, and company culture.

Our dynamic team is building the highest quality and most complete sales performance and management coaching programs in the country. We build complete training packages, that provide a long-term strategy to ensure the success of your sales team, and drive revenue for your business. We lead businesses and individuals to reach their potential and earn what they’re worth.


National Sales Trainer

If you are passionate about the sales industry, have abilities for public speaking and want to step up to leadership, we have a great opportunity for you to develop your career and share your potential with our clients.

We are more than just a sales training organization.

We change people’s lives by unleashing their human performance and we want you to be one of our X-Factor coaches to be part of our journey in redefining training, changing culture and transforming lives.

To apply for National Sales Trainer, please watch the video and check out our submission requirements below.

Application video



DISCLAIMER: It is FPG’s policy not to recruit from clients.


Skills & Abilities

(Encouraged, but not required)

  • – Prior experience in sales training & leadership development.
  • – The ability to build rapport and maintain customer relationships.
  • – Strong communication skills.
  • – Strong leadership and creativity.
  • – Strong interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills.
  • – Able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

We are looking for:

  • – A growth mindset for yourself and others, as well a passion to master our process and products.
  • – An authentic teaching style that will that shares practical examples that bring the concepts to life.
  • – Through words and actions demonstrate that sales is an honorable profession.
  • – Express a high regard for our clients’ issues and accomplishments.
  • – Unyielding efficacy in our process’ ability to overcome the clients’ obstacles.
  • – The belief that everyone can master our process.
  • – Our clients’ growth is your scorecard for success.
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