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X Factor Trophy–Rewarding Your Difference Makers

Salespeople matter. Despite the widespread belief thax factor sales trophy new home sales training forrest performance group jason forrestt price, product, and packaging make the difference, X factor sales professionals are the most powerful force you can have on your team.

Adam, a sales coach for one of our clients (a national home builder) has a fantastic idea for rewarding and recognizing such standout sales professionals–the X Factor trophy. This award is unique in that it’s not about a number of sales or an amount of profit. It’s about effort. And I think that’s fantastic.

By celebrating effort, Adam is acknowledging that what each salesperson does matters. So many factors could contribute to meeting goals and we don’t want to celebrate that someone was just in the right place at the right time.

We want to break down the lottery mentality and recognize sales professionals who create the sale or make it happen faster. When you, as a leader, reinforce that effort makes a difference, you help create a constructive culture where your salespeople feel that they are in control.

Adam believes it’s important that sales team chooses the winner, saying, “In that moment when they decide who among their peers is the X Factor, they are part of the experience.”

But that’s not the only benefit. Adam also says that it “stokes the fire” in his competitive-by-nature team members, making them want to earn the award next.

Napoleon said that men will die for ribbons. Adam’s take on that is that if men will die for ribbons, “they will kill for trophies.”


Contributed by Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest (named one of 2012′s Top Young Trainers for Training Magazine–a national, industry-wide publication) is an expert at creating high-performance sales cultures through complete training programs. He incorporates experiential learning (rather than theory) to increase sales, implement cultural accountability, and transform builders into sales organizations that build homes. A sales professional at heart, Forrest is the author of Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market and 40-Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales. As a consultant for many of the leading homebuilders in the United States, Canada, and Australia, Forrest’s competitive distinction is his behavior-modification approach (which focuses on people, process, and presentation) and his focus on culture change.  Learn about our new home sales training programs at

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