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What happens in Vegas…

Contributed by Jeanne CongerHurdle-Sales-Jason Forrest- Forrest Performance Group

I am returning from a new home sales leadership training conference in Vegas with a chipped front tooth, broken glasses, a little less money in my pocket , a dead phone, and a great sales story. Most of those stories will stay in Vegas, but I do want to share the GREAT new home sales story today.

A new home sales professional named Michele shared about a time she worked with a couple, “built” (on paper) the perfect floor plan for their family, and then showed them the only remaining home site that would accommodate their perfect floor plan. Unfortunately, the buyers did not like the home site. They only wanted to live in the front of the community. Another lost sale story? No way!

Michele put on her selling shoes, “built” a different floor plan around their needs (one that would fit on the home site they loved), and sold the home! How many of us would have given up or been deflated when the home site didn’t work with their first floor plan?

Don’t leave anything behind when you run into an objection you think is unsolvable. Keep going, no matter what the obstacles.

And be sales ready!

TIP: When you run into an obstacle, take a minute to consider other options and take action! You have nothing to lose.

YOUR TURN: Please share in the comment section about a time when you pressed forward after an objection you thought was unsolvable.

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