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The Moneyball of New Home Sales

Contributed by Jeanne Conger

In 2003, science won the World Series. moneyball sales training new home sales trainer new home speaker

Technically, the Red Sox won, but it was a groundbreaking scientific method called sabermetrics that paved the road. Sabermetrics (the computerized measurement of baseball statistics) made famous by the movie Moneyball, breaks the game of baseball down into factors that contribute to getting on base. The idea is that the more you get on base, the more you score.

The movie focuses on the struggling Oakland A’s team who were the first to use such statistical analysis (in the 2002 season). The efforts turned around a major losing streak and the A’s made it to the playoffs that year. The next year, the Red Sox ran (and won) with the theory, taking home the World Series title.

Using sabermetrics, teams are now able to evaluate the overall potential of players and put them in the positions that play to their strengths and weaknesses and best contribute to the team overall.

The sabermetrics of the new home sales industry is the SPQ (Sales Potential Questionnaire), which assesses personal sales potential and is “the only test in the world specifically engineered to detect and measure all twelve types of Sales Call Reluctance, call reluctance impostors, and more.”

X Factor Sales Pros know that the secret to earning what they’re worth in new homes sales is to operate at the highest level and to take advantage of every training and coaching opportunity available to them. The SPQ is one tool that helps facilitate those coaching opportunities and helps sales pros up their frequency of getting “on base” (i.e. following up, building a home on paper, siting prospects, etc.).

Want to learn how to knock it out of the park?

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