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Right Side Up?

Contributed by Jeanne Conger United Ad Creating Urgency Jeanne Conger new home sales training programs

“Place your expectations in the upright position.” What exactly is United Airlines trying to say? All I know is that it set my alarm bells off with thoughts of: “Warning–don’t expect too much,” and “What exactly are upright expectations anyway?” This is likely in sharp contrast to what they were trying to go for–some sort of an exhortation to have high expectations, maybe?

Two weeks after seeing the ad, I am still not certain what they meant. All I know is that the warning bells are still ringing. I’d be willing to bet the ad didn’t hit the right spot with other members of United’s target audience either.

Critical thinking:

1. Are we guilty of sending unintended mixed messages to our new home buyers?
2. What type of messages resonate with our target audience?
3. What will our prospects be thinking and saying when they leave us?
Action items:

1. Remember that the most important conversations that a buyer has are those that you are not part of. The private conversations new home prospects have with themselves, friends and family.

2. Increase the odds that their conversations about you and your product are positive by helping them fall in love with your home and community. Jason said it best in dare one (“A Spoonful of Sugar”) from his book–The 40 Day Sales Dare.  The dare reminds us to give our buyers a chance to fall in love with our home, neighborhood, amenities and us as sales professionals before we ask them to “place their expectations in the upright position,” for example.

3. Make sure your messages are clear–ask lots of questions to make sure the buyers are picking up what you’re laying down.

Be sales ready!

Jeanne Conger, J Forrest Group’s National Sales Coach, has 25 years in the industry; experience with public and private builders; and over 900 hours of real estate courses under her belt. She is truly an industry expert. While she has worked in design studios, marketing departments, merchandising departments, and sales management (she coached a sales team of more than 100), Jeanne enjoys nothing more than being in the trenches.

Jeanne specializes in turning around laggard communities, helping sales professionals generate traffic, providing hiring consulting for sales managers, and coaching design center sales professionals. Learn more about J Forrest Group’s new home sales training programs.

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