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My dentist, the sales professional

The Three Stooges-Dentist-Jason Forrest-Forrest Performance GroupI love a good deal as much as the next gal, but sometimes, price means very little to me. Like when it comes to body parts. Unlike lizards, who can re-grow tails, we humans don’t get second chances with limbs, eyes, or teeth. That’s why price is near the bottom of the list when I consider dental care.

Until I had to have something major done, I didn’t think much of dentistry—I just trusted them to do their thing and send me on my way. So when I moved, I chose the convenience of someone nearby. But after nearly a year of issues and unanswered questions, I returned to my trusted care provider—3.5 hours away.

I don’t want to feel at the dentist what I do at the mechanic—that I might be getting taken advantage of and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I want to feel like they care about me (not just my checkbook) and like they’re more interested in improving my life than improving their bottom line. I’ll gladly pay a premium for that.

And that’s why I feel so optimistic about my latest experience as I am having to choose a new dentist again. It felt like each person I encountered at this office had been through J Forrest Group’s new home sales training program because:

1. They educated me:

The hygienist took photographs and demonstrated what happens in my mouth. She also explained each tool she used as well as the reasons behind each question she asked. Whether at a new home sales office or the dentist, it’s a lot nicer to feel equipped than overwhelmed.

2. They were looking out for my best interest.

At no point in my two-hour appointment did I feel like they were shuffling me through so they could get to the next patient. And they led the experience from beginning to end–making me feel confident in their abilities and knowledge.

3. They communicated their “One Song.”

Jason talks a lot about communicating your selling message–the main things that set you apart from your competitors and make people choose your home over all others. My hygienist explained her office’s philosophy and approach and then said, “We just want to find out if we’re a match. If we’re not, we want to find the right place for you.”

Wow! She was 100% secure in what she had to offer without trash talking her competitors.

What a relief to feel like I was in good (gloved) hands and that improving my life was their priority.

This selling message thing is powerful. Share yours in the comments!

Contributed by Alicia. 


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