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Angry Buyers

Angry Man-Angry Buyers-Jason Forrest-Forrest Performance GroupA couple comes in to a new home sales office and says, “We’re just looking.” What they don’t say is that they arranged a babysitter, filled up their SUV at $4 a gallon, and drove an hour to the community on a Saturday afternoon–the only day they both have off.

They say they’re just looking because they don’t know exactly what they want–they just know they’re not totally satisfied with what they have. The couple repeats the routine for six months and finally returns to the same community, arms crossed and brows furrowed. This time, they angrily say, “We know exactly what we want–do you have it?”

Why are they so angry and short? Well they’ve just spent much of the past six months unsatisfied with their current situation, but unsure what they want to change. As much as they’re afraid of being sold or of committing to something that isn’t right for them, they’ve walked into sales office after sales office, unconsciously begging someone to help them figure out exactly which home will improve their lives.

And now they’re ticked because nobody led them to a solution. Nobody had the courage to reject the “just looking” smokescreen and take them through the process like they would anybody else.

When they said they were just looking, salesperson after salesperson left them alone to wander the models aimlessly and return to their less-than-ideal home with an empty tank of gas and no answers.

Remember, an angry buyer today was a just looking buyer six months ago. And a just looking buyer today is just a solution away from being a contracted buyer. Because what they’re really “just looking” for is someone to guide them home.

For more on this subject, see dare 21 (“Focus on the ‘Just Looking’ Buyer”) of my book, 40 Day Sales Dare.

Contributed by Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest (named one of 2012′s Top Young Trainers for Training Magazine–a national, industry-wide publication) is an expert at creating high-performance sales cultures through complete training programs. He incorporates experiential learning (rather than theory) to increase sales, implement cultural accountability, and transform builders into sales organizations that build homes. A sales professional at heart, Forrest is the author of Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market and 40-Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales. As a consultant for many of the leading homebuilders in the United States, Canada, and Australia, Forrest’s competitive distinction is his behavior-modification approach (which focuses on people, process, and presentation) and his focus on culture change.  Learn more at

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